Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting!

I’ve always had a passion for harnessing the power of the written word; nothing brings me more joy than using delicious words to convey emotion or communicate my point of view.

My writing career began in the fitness world where I penned articles for Muscle & Fitness UK, Muscle & Fitness HERS UK and FLEX UK. Shortly after my appointment, I was promoted to sub-editor; a role that I reveled in and taught me a great deal. From then on, I split my time between editing articles and penning magazine features with freelance work including sourcing stories for women’s weeklies and ghost-writing eBooks, blogs and website content.

Beginning to muse on my own blog has been a breath of fresh air; I’m extremely grateful to have a cathartic platform to ponder life’s nuances without boundaries and censorship. I hope you like!

You can find me writing, getting lost in an Insta hole, picking up heavy things in the gym, cooking up something creative in the kitchen or up a mountain.

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